The portfolio


e-portfolio, webfolio, scanner, digital, web 2.0, ocr

Kis-Tóth Lajos, Komló Csaba

Editor in charge: dr. Lajos Kis-Tóth Printed in: Printing House of Eszterházy Károly College, in Eger Manager: László Kérészy Technical editor: Mrs Sándor Nagy

Eger, 2015




Tananyag leírása:
The major aim of the course is to help the students acquire knowledge about the rise and the functions of traditional portfolio. The student should understand the concept of electronic portfolio, and should be able to distinguish its types. The students should acquire appropriate knowledge about the function of dedicated portfolio systems. The student should get acquainted with the system of point of view of construing portfolios, should be conversant with the most important knowledge of data handling and creating of views. The participants in this course should understand the system of assessment of the portfolio and the role of reflexivity. It is important that the students should possess knowledge that can help them find their way in the world of copyright and personal rights. The students should get acquainted with the function of the so called serious games and their most popular variants as well as with the role of virtual spaces. The students should be conversant with the concept of the avatar and create and present their own avatar. Apart from the systems of dedicated portfolios the students should have a clear understanding of different possibilities of introducing educational products as well (e.g. virtual galleries).